The investment partner for long term growth

Bonnier Capital

Bonnier Capital is the investment division of the Bonnier Group, a Swedish based family owned group within media, publishing and real estate. The Bonnier Group has partnered with entrepreneurs for almost 200 years to enable innovation and the fostering of ideas and new businesses. We invest in promising companies in structurally growing industries where we can add value through Bonnier Capital and the entire Bonnier Group.

Bonnier Capital was founded in 2016 and has since become a reliant investment partner to companies and funds of various sizes.

Our investment approach

Bonnier Group

The Bonnier Group is the holding company for some of the leading media companies in the Nordics, such as Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Industri, Expressen, the largest publishing house in the Nordics, Bonnier Books as well as Bonnier Fastigheter focusing on real estate in the Stockholm area. The Bonnier Group has more than 200 years of experience from supporting entrepreneurs and taking an active part in industry and societal change. The group is based in Sweden, with operations in 12 countries and is wholly owned by the Bonnier family.

Bonnier Group’s businesses span over a broad range of operations – through journalism, storytelling, knowledge and entertainment. The Bonnier Group aims to work for a more open, interesting, entertaining and well-informed society.