Our team

Our investment team consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds and broad operative experience as well as strategic expertise in fields such as entrepreneurship, strategy, corporate development, M&A, finance, technology and media.

Bonnier Capital

Johan Skagerlind

Investment Director

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Jonas von Hedenberg

Investment Director

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Sofia Hasselberg

Investment Director

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Victor Bodin

Investment Director

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Elin Bäckman

Investment Manager

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Nadja Abbas

Investment Associate

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Matilda Blomqvist

Investment Associate

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Charbel Altunkaynak

Legal Counsel

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Our Board & Advisors

Sophia Bendz

Investment Committee member

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Joen Bonnier

Investment Committee member

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Angela Langemar Olsson

Investment Committee member and CFO at Bonnier Group

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Jakob Tolleryd

Investment Committee member and advisor

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